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These are a few tips to get you started from the outside looking in. A way of strengthening your connection with your boyfriend. If you are shy, make sure to bring up the topic with your guy and get his thoughts.

Now let’s take a gander learning to talk dirty whether it’s sexting, foreplay, or phone sex. Chances are he’s going to be totally thrilled you’re ready to push the boundaries of your comfort zone, sexually speaking, and see what comes “up.” Be sure you understand any lines he might have.

Sexy is good in a relationship and if you can add some sizzle with some dirty talk why not?

There’s a right way to talk dirty so you don’t come off as a sleaze.

What you want to do is fill your body with all sorts of naughty talk and images that are going to fuel your fire to talk dirty to your guy and make sure he’s left wanting more.

Get one of your girlfriends to help you and work on different phrases and vocabulary that either she uses on her guy or that you both think will work to push his buttons.

Just ask him so you don’t cross any that might make you both feel a little awkward.

One ginormous mistake people make is thinking they’ve got to be graphic and vulgar in order to get that sexy turn-on feeling for a guy. This could be because so many people dive into porn when they think of dirty.

Begin with one or to word phrases and work your way up. *Faster *Harder *Deeper *Right there *Don’t stop Make sure you use your sexy voice when you use these phrases and whispering them into his ear works even better.

By now, your confidence should be escalating and you can switch back and forth between the sounds and small phrases. *I’m going to pin you down and kiss every inch of your hot body.

Practice this enough to feel good about it and then you should shift nicely into longer phrases that are more descriptive. The next level is just making more of a sentence out of it, like: *I wish we could make love all night long. Word by word, you will build yourself up with your dirty talk to drive him crazy with success.

Understanding that direction and openness is truly a huge turn on. Pay attention to your tone, mannerism, and word choice. Depending on how comfortable you are to begin with, you might want to practice in a mirror before you even get in front of a guy.

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