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Even Joe went up to her at one point and tried to give her a kiss and he was like 'Oh, Sorry, sorry it's not Sophie, wrong one! That's one way to confuse your husband.27 June 2019: Sophie Turner shares naked photo of Joe Jonas in a bath tub during romantic holiday to France.

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are having a huge wedding ceremony in France later this summer, and have been sharing an insight into their pre-nuptials holiday to Paris on Instagram.

Their nuptials were reportedly held at the famous Little White Wedding Chapel and officiated by an Elvis Presley tribute act."For a second, we both had cold feet, then 24 hours later we were both like, 'Never mind.'"Phew.: New details about Sophie and Joe's wedding in France are revealed.5 December 2016: Sophie and Joe are photographed looking all cute in north London after going out for lunch at the pub with Sophie's family.1 January 2017: Sophie finally seems to confirm her new romance when she shares a picture of Joe smoking a cigar on a boat in Miami.

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Joe Jonas current girlfriend is Sophie Turner and rumors are that they got engaged.

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