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Old school players probably still have little black books — the modern crowd likely relies on their smartphones to store their “ready to go” booty call phone numbers. The vast majority of people, however, probably fall into the category of wanting to have plenty of casual hookup numbers, but sadly the only numbers on their phone belong to their local pizza joint and their mom’s house.

What must a person do to become a genuine, bonafide, authorized, sanctified, bonafide (wait, we had already used that adjective — doesn’t matter, we like how it sounds), bonafide, real player?

The options that you have for describing your activities are very interesting.

Some of the choices include group sex, phone sex, webcam sex, email fantasies, and many more.

Wondering whether XXXBlack Book is legit or a scam? There's so much wrong with this site that even calling it a scam seems to be too good of a description.

For starters, the site's designers put in virtually no effort when creating the site.

It contains imagery of stunningly hot women — some taken in a professional photo shoot style and others looking like real women taking selfies at home.

You are also served enticing taglines, such as “it’s quick, easy and anonymous” and “meet hot, like-minded singles and couples from around the world or around the corner.” With copy like that, we gotta tell you, we were expecting something… Imagine our surprise — better stated, our disappointment — when we first visited the welcome page to XXXBlack Book and found one of the dreariest, plainest, most uninteresting welcome pages that we have ever come across.

We crossed our fingers and hoped that upon clicking on the “search” button, our fantasies for becoming players — sorry, meant to say “bonafide players” — would take a huge step forward.At least as far as XXXBlack Book is concerned, any help with racking up and running up your casual encounter numbers is simply non-existent. All of the results were full of inactive and fake profiles.What’s worse, even as you are settling on the idea of just “viewing” the images of these fictitious profiles, your inspiration is cut short by the constant pinging of incoming messages.When you first enter the members’ area, a yellow banner with red lettering will appear at the top of the page reminding you to check your email inbox.It is important that you do so because XXXBlack Book sends a verification link to that email.

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