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In my opinion, if they have to worry about it, then it's an issue. From a 24 year kamaina Black male's perspective..... Hawaii has no more racism than any where else on the mainland.

Why not just move where you want, and ignore the ignorant people. Like some other posters have said, it the attitude "YOU" bring here that determines how you will make it here.

Here at Stitch, we have scoured the globe for the 5 best travel destinations for singles over 50 that will give you the best opportunity to have fun and meet people your age at the same time.

I worked while there and didn't encounter some of the discrimanatory activities some have listed.

Quite frankly, I don't think Black folks have the same issue that some of our Caucasion brothers and sisters seem to encounter be they real or perceived; don't get me wrong - we have our issues, but it appeared to me that Blacks on the island in general seemed to adapt well.

I was very involved with my Church, "City of Refuge" located in Waipahu.

There were quite a few single black men there (Military mostly).

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