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Life is too short to wait for someone to join you in things that you could have done as a Single already. Great, don’t cross it off your list yet and revisit it once you are in a relationship or married.Don’t make the mistake to wait, when you could be living.

And if you don’t know your interests yet, it’s fine. Go outside, try out different things and ask yourself “Do I enjoy this or not? However, it becomes a problem if it’s all that’s on your mind.

For a lot of Single Christian Women, marriage becomes an idol and is all they think about day in and day out.

The problem with that is, that you lose sight of what God calls you to do/ be in your season of singleness.

Because even in your season of singleness he has a divine purpose for you. So don’t worship the idea of marriage that you set your expectations so high, that when you do get into a relationship, it won’t live up to it. You learned to steward your own money wisely enough to cover your monthly bills.

My favorite part of my single season so far was when I lived in my own little apartments in Budapest, Hungary and Duesseldorf, Germany and had my own household to take care of. You learn to manage your cleaning schedule disciplined enough to welcome spontaneous guests.

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Becoming the best version of yourself is a journey that increases self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-love.

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