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Brunfwick Town is moft delightfully feated, on the South-fideof that Noble Kivtr Cape Ftar ; and no doubt but it will be very confiderable in a fliort time, by it's great North CAROLINA.

Beaufort Town ftands on the North-fide of Newport River, it's Profpeft being as pleafant as any of the for- mer : It is fmall, ahd thinly inhabited.

EDward Bond, Efq; Worfopp Bufh, Epi'y Edmond Barry, M. In many of thele noble and fpacious Rivers, arc abun- ^ncc of Creeks, feveral whereof are very commodious for Trade, being Navigable for fevcral Miles i there arc S The Natural H I S T O R Y 0/ are likewife many considerable l Oands in thefc Rivers, abounding with fevcral forts of Trees, Wild Eeiills, cfpecialiy Deer, and various kinds ot Fowl ; they are Inhabited by few or no Chriftians ac prefent.

Black River, and Satttee River arc the two Southcr- mo H: in thofe Parts, being part of South Carolina. That the Cur- rent of all the Rivers in this large Country, are fcarcc to be perceived, 'till you travel fevcral Hundered Miles, or near their Heads, which is chiefly owing to theic being fo large, and the Country fo very level.

The team won second place again at the 20 West Asian Football Federation Women's Championship.

Miss Ghavami was arrested after she and fellow women’s rights campaigners tried to enter Tehran's Azadi Stadium to watch an Iran-Italy volleyball match.

That, my friends, is the definition of " real quick.

THE ETHEL CARR PEACOCK MEMORIAL COLLECTION Matris araori monumentum TRINITY COLLEGE LIBRARY DURHAM. So that it may properly be faid, that Nature produces every thing here for the Pleafure and Profit of the Inhabitants.Under the country’s restrictive Islamic codes, women are forbidden to mingle with male spectators at sports facilities.She is now in a shared cell, where she began a hunger strike last week, according to Sousan Moshtaghian, her London-born mother. The Streets in thefe Towns areas level as a Bowling- Green, there being no manner of Pavement ro be met with over all this Province. great Trade, the Number of Merchants, and rich Plan- ters, that are fettled upon it's Banks, within thelc few Tears.

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