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"Thank you to the good Lord above for the most precious gift we have ever been given! " The series begins with a black-and-white photo of a perfectly made-up Gretchen in a hospital bed, holding her "precious baby girl." Slade's arm is wrapped around his fiancée as he kisses her forehead.The next two photos show a wide-eyed Skylar, wrapped in a pink blanket, sporting a monogrammed beanie and gold bow.

That said, if Gretchen is able to pay her past due balance, the auction will be canceled and she will avoid foreclosure. I am doing good as well of course I have some pain from the c-section, but it was all so worth it!Breastfeeding 24/7 as well, but she has latched on well…. ————————————————————————-Of course we have a million more pictures to post and I’m sorry in advance! ) I will also start posting on my stories all the fun we have had this past week getting to bond and know her.She is one week old today and these pics were about 2 hours after she was born last Wed July 10th at am by c-section ???? ————————————————————————-Thank you to all of you who have been patient and understanding as I took my time to recover and bond with her.Gretchen Rossi was wearing a very suspiciously monogrammed robe after welcoming her first child, daughter Skylar Gray, on July 10. As fans of And then there were 3 ❤️???????????????? ————————————————————————-Introducing our precious baby girl SKYLAR GRAY SMILEY!!Although Rossi and Smiley have been engaged since the eighth season of shared a series of photos initially posted by Rossi from the hospital and pointed out that while Rossi’s initials are believed to be “G. ————————————————————————-Thank you to the good Lord above for the most precious gift we have ever been given! @skylargray777 ————————————————————————-We took some time off social media to just bond and be with our little angel!

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