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The theme of a paper gift offers plenty of playful and romantic ideas for those willing to think creatively.

The first anniversary tradition is the perfect chance to give her a brilliant bouquet of paper flowers made by The Flower Craft Shop.When it comes to your first anniversary gift, our recommendation is to splurge on a “layflat” hardcover photo book from Pinhole Press. You can gift a paper ticket to a concert, a sporting event, a play, a hot air balloon ride, or just about anything else for that all important first anniversary gift. You can even splurge and get a plane ticket and surprise your partner with a spontaneous trip. If it doesn’t come with an official printable ticket, you can make one yourself. Lost Ocean and Secret Garden are just two of hundreds of options.Print and paper quality are second-to-none, they have a nice weighty feel in your hand, and perhaps best of all, they lay perfectly flat when open. Match your selection to your spouse’s favorite interests, whether it be cooking, gardening, or swearing.With a different question to answer each day and only enough room for a sentence or two each, this is one daily practice that will never seem like a chore.Watch your relationship evolve as your answers change from year to year!

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