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Maybe taking this quiz will make that kind of conversation easier. I haven’t been around for a while, what with my vacation, the beginning of the semester, and Dragon Con over Labor Day weekend. I haven’t had luck with the internet and, since all of my usual wingladies are in relationships, I haven’t been going out to meet guys.

Or at least a story that indicated how “crazy” we could get later on. It’s high hopes for Tinder matches, I know, but I’m not desperate. I thought I’d give him a chance, though, and responded “Well, I’m a political science Ph. student, so if I’m feeling particularly crazy, I run regressions without checking the distribution of the variables.” He responded: “Wow ;-)” Kissy-face emoticon “I was thinking more wild, though.” I said, “Yeah, I got that.” He responded with a “Lol hahahah” and a speak-no-evil monkey emoticon. I’m a little nervous, but not for the right reasons. Instead, it’s a nauseated feeling—much closer to dread than it is to excitement. Well, there are a few things I know about this guy that I’m worried about.

A couple little things I’m not attracted to, and a couple personality quirks that I’m nervous will be more abrasive and off-putting in person.

And something work writing about here: I’ve been in relationships that have fallen apart because one person or another feels like they’re not appreciated.

My most recent ex told me just that–but I thought that I showed him how I felt.

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