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You have a simple rule: you will take all actions proposed unless there’s a strong reason against.#5 Social Snowball.

You’ll find a place with many people that you can observe at a distance.

Then you trade audio tours and experience each other’s noticings and thoughts.#2 Briefcase.

Before your date, you each pack a briefcase with various props inside and an assignment to do something with the props.

You each make a list of how you try not to be seen — as rude, racist, weak, and so on — and take turns practicing being the way you normally try not to be seen, and checking to see if there are any advantages of it you might have missed.#8 No Compromise. Maybe trespassing, making out, calling an old friend — whatever seems risky for both of you.

If either fist is empty, you separate without speaking.#9 Shared-Soundtrack Walking.

You’ll pick a person and together, guess what they’re like.

Then you’ll approach them and check if your guesses were correct.

You go to different, interesting locations and call each other. At first, you are the “robot” and your friend is the “operator.” Your friend asks you to move in a certain way, or to report back about your sensations or what you see.At the beginning of the date you take trade briefcases and go off on your missions, then come back together and share how it went.#3 Hiding Snacks. You each buy or prepare a snack, hiding it out in the city for your friend to find and eat. When you find the snack, eat it slowly and take notes about the tastes and the location. You take turns making proposals for simple actions you can take together.After each proposal, you can make a list of reasons to do it, and reasons against. You agree to meet at a pleasant spot with an interesting landscape around it.You each record 10 minutes of audio near the spot, describing where you are walking, what you notice, what you are doing and thinking.

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