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The creative duo of Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings (a.k.a.Christina Lauren) have been delighting romance readers for many years now with their steamy contemporary titles that come with a perfect dash of chick-lit beach read goodness.Amanda moves to London in the midst of the burgeoning punk scene and forms a band, Lesbian Raincoat.As time passes, Amanda deals with the threat of deportation, participates in ACT UP protests, confronts her own struggles with OCD, and finds love in dark places.A unique take on friends-to-lovers with a love triangle spin, is a strong blend of passion and conflict with a central dilemma that will leave you wondering what choice you would make if you were in Dallas’s shoes.RELATED: 13 Love Triangle Books That Will Tear Your Heart in Two Freda Wilson is brash and completely without filter, which makes her something of an acquired taste.The world's most popular dating site for meeting Wealthy Friends and Beautiful Women.

RELATED: 17 Forbidden Romance Books to Heat Up Your Reading Life Dallas has had a tough life, but one welcome constant presence has been that of her best friend, Valerie.

So she decides to reinvent herself as a settled mature adult with a fiancé.

Enter Adam, her best friend from high school who is happy to enter the sham romance but has the real thing on his mind.

follows the eponymous duo, friends since college and seemingly incompatible, who keep setting one another up on progressively terrible double blind dates.

This one is a great clash of opposites attract and banter—a top Christina Lauren trait—with a heroine who so easily could have descended into Manic Pixie Dream Girl cliché but remains fresh and appealing.

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