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For example, the hidden state vector at the 3 time step will be a function of the first 3 words.

By this logic, the final hidden state vector of the encoder RNN can be thought of as a pretty accurate representation of the whole input text.

This paper showed great results in machine translation specifically, but Seq2Seq models have grown to encompass a variety of NLP tasks.

A sequence to sequence model is composed of 2 main components, an encoder RNN and a decoder RNN (If you’re a little shaky on RNNs, check out my previous blog post for a refresher).

This “best” response should either (1) answer the sender’s question, (2) give the sender relevant information, (3) ask follow-up questions, or (4) continue the conversation in a realistic way. The chatbot needs to be able to understand the intentions of the sender’s message, determine what type of response message (a follow-up question, direct response, etc.) is required, and follow correct grammatical and lexical rules while forming the response.

They can help you get directions, check the scores of sports games, call people in your address book, and can accidently make you order a 0 dollhouse.

These products all have auditory interfaces where the agent converses with you through audio messages.

When you think of traditional ML methods (linear regression, SVMs) and deep learning methods like CNNs, these models require a fixed size input, and produce fixed size outputs as well.

The lengths of your inputs must be known beforehand.

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In this post, we’ll be looking more at chatbots that operate solely on the textual front.

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