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If personal ads are any indicator, once a guy hits 39 he won't speak to any guy over 35.

And once he hits his mid-40's it's under 25 or nothing.

If you think that marriage is not an expensive proposition, you have not considered the total cost of a wife. Because old guys can pay for shoes, wardrobe, makeup, perfumes, car, room and board, etc!

She graduated from Moscow Medical College in 1988 with formal training in pediatrics.

If you want the relationship to last, don't use the formula ;-) Sent by M on May 17, 2003 Human beings should all be born as women and then undergo a transformation into men in their mid-thirties. Sent by Freshmilk on October 24, 2003 Frankly, I don't see what women see in older men other than wealth & wisdom (maybe to each). Sent by God on November 13, 2003 your numbers are on the money..girlfriend is 21 and im 31....sweet!!!!

Sent by John on December 6, 2003 Young cunts go for old dicks because those "loving" relationships include the exchange of worldly goods: Relationships between men and women always involve the exchange of money, and they range from hiring by the quarter hour all the way to the institution of marriage.

Divide the range by the average value, and then multiply the result by 100 to calculate the relative percent range.

In this example, the relative percent range is (.44 / .90) x 100 = 16.99 percent.

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