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Cartoon Korean man: "Korea = The country of Koreans."Cartoon Chinese man: "China = The country where 95% of the people are of the Han nationality."Cartoon Chinese man: "The largest population of people living outside their home country is the 40 million Chinese who live abroad. They spread throughout the whole world for almost 2000 years.(Graphic shows lines radiating out of Palestine to Western Europe and subsequently to America, Central Europe, East Europe, Africa, India, Asia and subsequently China).

p223)This is called the Diaspora, in which the The book does use the word Isreal in cartoons depicting the modern state of Isreal.But in the end each and every time we hit a barrier, and that barrier is the Jews.Jews make up slightly more than 2% of the American population.The Sefaradim and Ashkenazim existed in equal numbers during the Middle Ages, but in 1492, Spain issued a complete order of deportation and the Sefaradim numbers fell.(Graphic shows a voice coming from under a flag and sword)Voice: "Since we're expelling the Muslims, expel the Jews, who are of a different religion too."Up until World War 2, their population didn't pass 1.5 millionout of a total 16.5 million Jews.p224)During World War 2, Nazi Germany achieved the slaughterof 6 million Jews.

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