Entering the world of dating

Sending penis pics, asking for your bra size, and generally treating me like crap are actions that are not only commonplace, but truly depressing. When you’ve only been with one guy and you haven’t been single in a million years, you forget how much fun single can be.It is truly liberating to be able to have male friends again, too. Why is this dating website so difficult to navigate?

If spending one night a week actively putting yourself out there is an option, I suggest you put in the effort.

And I completely understand the fear behind sharing this personal information with someone.

Before opening up, I’ve asked myself: But after someone bounced on me mostly for health-related issues, a lot of people helped me check myself before I wrecked myself.

The answer should hopefully be a loud and roaring “NO!

” but please know that as I give this advice, I’m also trying to follow it myself. One challenge, at least at the beginning of a relationship, is picking a place to go on a date.

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Unfortunately, many of the difficulties of finding the right match are magnified when you have a chronic illness, especially when your partner is living that blessed non-chronic illness life.

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