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Now, in Season Two, Audrey must not only stay on top of Haven's many afflictions -which continue to be revealed in every episode - but also solve her most challenging case yet: the secret of her own lost past and its ties to Haven.

With the help of Nathan Wuornos (Lucas Bryant), a handsome local cop with his own trouble, and Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour) a local smuggler and reluctant aide in solving Haven's troubles, Audrey digs deeper into uncovering her identity.

Guest stars Jason Priestley (who will also direct an episode) and Vinessa Antoine join the cast for season two, which is currently in production on 13 episodes in Nova Scotia.

Making matters more complicated in Dukes life is the sudden arrival of a woman from his past Evi Ryan (Vinessa Antoine) who happens to be Dukes estranged wife with a secret agenda.Haven left in limbo comes as Showcase canceled Almost Heroes, a sitcom about two brothers that starred Ryan Belleville and Paul Campbell. The prize youre fighting for is a Haven cast photo signed by Emily Rose (Audrey Parker), Eric Balfour (Duke Crocker) and Lucas Bryant (Nathan Wuornos).The Canadian channel has ordered new seasons of Syfys Lost Girl from Prodigy Pictures and King, a female cop drama from Indian Grove Productions. One was a Haven Police Department (HPD) hat used in the series and the second was the boat that you can see in the beginning of episode 1 (Tale of Two Audreys) season 2. And there is only one of it so make sure you enter.OK, this one's mostly a joke, but you're welcome to dream.Eric Balfour: "I actually get to help take his shirt off..." - More Nathan in general.

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Audrey continues to come to terms with her true identity and her real purpose for being in Haven.

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