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For one if the platform you’re using has any worth, it will acknowledge this behavior and punish you.

See, Online Dating platforms are a business and their product is the program that shows you other potential mates and connects you with them if you both like each other.

Obviously, in order to get the results, you need to have a good profile (and this is one of the most important from our Online Dating Tips For Men). I’ll go over a few quick mentions in here, but if you’re looking to seriously up your Online Dating Game you should definitely check it out.

The good part about this is that, contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to look like Brad Pitt, have mad cash, perfect abs, and travel the world daily in order to be attractive (who knew, right). Basically, you want to have only good quality photos, nothing that makes it hard for a person to see clearly.

You want your main photo to be one only of you, in order to reduce confusion.

It’s never fun when you go on a website or an app that’s designed in a way that increases your chances with women exponentially, only to sit without any matches for days, even weeks on end.

I’m 100% sure that everyone, even the most handsome men out there, has had their fair share of struggles with online dating at one point or another.

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