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The cosigned credit card could have either a positive or negative impact, however, which it is is up to the primary borrower and not you, so it’s always a risk.

Alternatively, if you cosign for a car loan or some other line of credit, the impact may not be as great unless the primary borrower defaults on the loan.

“The loan interest rates and fees are based on the higher of the two credit scores.

Some lenders will reduce the interest rate by as much as 0.50 percent even if the cosigner does not have a better credit score, since having two people responsible for repaying the loan instead of just one reduces the risk that the loan will become delinquent or go into default.” Since as a cosigner you are just as responsible for the loan, it will show up on your credit report.

Others such as members of Generation X told said they are paying down their own student loans even as they help their children go to college.

For many students, having a parent cosigner is the difference between going to the college of his or her choice, or not going at all.

While you may cosign the loan never planning to make payments, you may ultimately have to make payments and should consider that fact before agreeing to be a cosigner.How the line of credit you cosigned for impacts your credit score could depend on the type of credit.The other factor in how the credit you cosigned impacts your credit is how the borrower uses the line of credit. 11 loans over the past 7 years, I can consolidate all but the oldest one or two and therefore increase my average age of debt. Gone are the days when student loans were left to young people to pay back.

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For example, though 63 percent spoke with their children about student loans, less than a third talked about repayment options.

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