Do ron and hermione dating in the half blood prince

Malfoy is dismayed at Slughorn’s lack of care toward her heritage, and Hermione is entirely pleased that Harry has talked about her so favorably.(Ron is quick to interject that he would have done the same.) Slughorn explains that the Amortentia potion can’t actually make someone feel love—it only makes them infatuated, which is very dangerous.Harry gets a message from Dumbledore to start their lessons on Saturday evening, which conflicts with Snape’s detention. Harry asks Slughorn for materials, since he and Ron hadn’t known they’d be able to take the class, and Slughorn provides, handing them two battered textbooks. Hermione knew it from the color, the steam spirals, and the fact that it smells different to each person, according to what attracts them.They work on the DADA homework, then head down to Potions. He tells the students that the potions in the room are ones they should be able to make by the time they complete their N. Slughorn asks for Hermione’s name, and when she tells him that she’s Muggle-born, realizes that she was the friend Harry was talking about.

They are tasked with creating the Draught of Living Death, and whoever does it best will get the Felix Felicis.He tells Ron and Hermione about the book, and Hermione is disappointed that Harry didn’t do his own work.Ron doesn’t think it’s a big deal, though he wishes he could have gotten the book.Katie Bell is there and asks Harry to let her know when the Quidditch tryouts are, insisting that he retest everyone to be certain that the team is the strongest it can be. They head to Defense Against the Dark Arts, and Snape begins his lesson by telling them that he is astounded that so many of them received an O. He begins the lesson by having them pair off and attempt nonverbal magic, something that none of them has done before.Hermione manages it first, repelling Neville’s jinx nonverbally.

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