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"Similarly, the content of any television show that does not have a sufficiently diverse cast would be or would have been subject to court scrutiny.

Judge Trauger sided with ABC, et al, on the First Amendment argument.

In cases that do NOT list a fine amount on the citation, the court has the authority to impose a fine for any amount less or equal to the maximum penalty. The law requires DMV automatically to apply the points, and the court has no authority to adjust them.

Read more about driver's license points and how to reduce the number of points on your license. For the most part, slippery roads are not a defense to traffic citations.

For "No Proof of Insurance" or "Failure to Carry or Exhibit License" violations ONLY, you can show proof of correction to the nearest court clerk within 30 days."We felt from the outset this case was completely without merit and we are pleased the Court has found in our favor," a spokesman for WB Entertainment told The Wrap.ABC has not yet responded to The Wrap's request for comment.The law expects drivers to keep their vehicles under control at all times.Most traffic infractions are held to a "strict liability" standard, which means you are responsible regardless of whether you meant to do it.

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