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However, I started to be worried recently, not sure if it will be hard as a Catholic-atheist marriage and family life.And, how do I know if he is the one God wants for me? I’m not married so I can’t really offer much insight. It’s probably fine if he is honest about how he feels about Catholicism now.Or is he a pseudo-atheist crusader/misotheist ala the “new Atheists” like Dawkins? Will the mention of God or religion alone send him on a hate filled foaming at the mouth rant? If he’s a true atheist, you’re probably good to go.If he’s a pseudo-atheist misotheist, RUN, don’t walk, away from him. That he won’t keep his promises, or that it won’t be a sacrament?What happens if you are sick and cannot get the children to Mass, will he take them?

My (now Catholic😁) husband claimed to be an atheist when we met.

Whether a marriage is “great” depends heavily on what both parties define as being “great”.

One couple’s “great” might be another couple’s “annoying as heck.” Thank you for sharing your story.

What happens if you die, will he continue to raise the children in the Faith?

I’d hope these discussions happened during your marriage prep. The next one that may cause some head scratching (for US Catholics) is Dec 8, Immaculate Conception. IF your parish has a HDO Vigil, you can go on Friday evening then fill your Sunday obligation on Sat evening or anytime Sunday. They may have a Saturday morning Mass so you can celebrate the HDO then you can fulfill your Sunday obligation on Saturday evening or all day Sunday. Then you will fulfill the Immaculate Conception Mass on Saturday Evening and go to Mass again on Sunday.

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I would up the ante a little more in child rearing if I were you. I said I date to find a spouse, I marry for life, children are the fruits of marriage(God willing), my kids will be raised Catholic and their Daddy will sit in the pew with us every Sunday whether he is Catholic or not.

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