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A cartoon by Firth's alter ego Jerry Jackson was shown in place of Christmas.*Jim's Story, a series of five short cartoons following a boy called Jim.

Soon after his ex-wife and her new husband drop of his teenage son and young daughter for a rare weekend visit, a strange and powerful lightning storm touches down.He is sort of like a combination of Edgar Allan Poe and Don Hertzfeldt, and this comparison seems quite fitting when discussing his strongly discomforting short "Video Dating Tape".It's certainly one of his most creepy and depressing works, which is saying a lot since those two adjectives can accurately be attached to literally anything this man has worked on.24 July 1992 Blonde, bouncy Buffy is your typical high school cheerleader: her goal is to "marry Christian Slater and die," and nothing gets in her way when it's time to shop!But all that changes when a strange man informs her she's been chosen by fate to kill vampires.

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This is by far one of Firth's most disturbing, sad, and horrific works, so watch cautiously!

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