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This takes time and unfortunately a bit of trial and error just like in conventional relationships.You will need to take the time needed and put in the effort to know what you both want from the openness you wish to have in your relationship.These are couples who really just want the thrill of the idea, and they don’t really want to swing.Maybe they heard about the idea at a party, maybe they just saw that there was an option for “searching for couples” on their dating site and clicked on it for shits and giggles.Although we can’t necessarily say that monogamy is dead, there is a clear shift in what the modern man and woman want from relationships and these needs are shifting from the traditional marriage and family to ideals that allow us to be happy, get the most from life and our relationships and be true to ourselves.An open minded relationship provides the perfect space for this allowing you to express your truth in a safe and accepting space.They think they’ll get scammed, or they’ll have personal issues, or they won’t enjoy it as much as they think they will. Swinging used to mean going to uncomfortable “meet & greets.” You’d sit there with your partner, talking to other couples, eating stupid little appetizers and making small talk, and knowing everyone was looking everyone else over, imagining them naked, and judging them.

This means in simple terms, being sexually and/or emotionally involved with more than one person.

If you want to hang out with a lot of people who are trying swinging for the first time, be our guests.

Bear in mind that a lot of the people who want to try it for the first time are not the target audience.

Change is the spice of life and if you are one of those who simply can’t resist the temptation of finding constant changes in your love life, then an open relationship is your safest bet.

What happened if you’re already in love with a girl you met a few months back, you want her, but want to see others too, well chances are you want to discuss being in an open relationship.

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