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Daily life in Yemen has become very difficult whether it is at home, university or work.More than 22 million people need urgent assistance, people are exhausted and starving The challenges, both personal and professional, of working under these conditions cannot be underestimated.

Since its establishment roughly eight months ago, the centre has supported nearly 400 women, girls and boys.

In the past two years, the United Nations verified that at least 1,572 boys were recruited and used in the conflict, up from 850 last year.

More than two thirds of girls are married off before they reach 18, compared to 50 per cent before the conflict escalated.

They also committed to funding response efforts in South Sudan and Yemen that target the most vulnerable, including women and girls.

“We need to deliver on the promise of meeting basic human rights in crisis situations,” said Crown Princess Mary of Denmark.

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As the conflict in Yemen nears its fourth year, the conditions are worsening for women and girls: 76 per cent of internally displaced persons (IDPs) are women and children, and an estimated 3 million women and girls are at risk of gender-based violence, according to UNFPA. Al-Khawlani shares the current needs and priorities of Yemeni women and girls.

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