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However, it may be that no one currently in your life inspires deep passion in you, no one you know stirs up any romantic feelings.

I am 26 and my Muslim guy is 36, exactly ten yrs difference between us. 2 month ago now I did meet some of his relatives most importantly had the blessing of his lovely parents who are very sweet for me and him to go ahead and marry. We once lived together but then i moved back with my parents. Even though he's at that age of he should be having his wife and playground of kids, he's been knocking back on local marriages from his family numerous of times.I have thought a lot about this and obviously reading up so much about almost every aspect of our decision to tie the knot and I've my gut instinct that he's the one for me, because I haven't loved a man like him in very long and he had shown me to his family. reason hes prolly not talking is cause ur not happens when they start becoming religious even if they aint all religious in the beginning they become it sooner or later and then become someone u prolly never knew.i say move on u wont get the respect again from him.

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