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When you make your Tinder taglines personal instead of generic, you capture attention and set yourself apart from the competition.

This tagline uses sarcasm perfectly, because it starts with the guy poking fun at himself (“I hate myself for liking the choker necklace look”) before taking some lighthearted jabs at some of the cliched taglines he’s likely seen on many woman’s Tinder taglines (“You probably like the outdoors, cats, and Disney. If you’re going to use emojis, make sure they are used to enhance your text and are not the centerpiece of your headline.

This way you won’t be wasting time with women who aren’t interested in children.

The above is one of my favorite Tinder taglines because the guy not only talks about what his favorite sports team is but also mentions that he likes to play rugby and work out.

Here’s a good Tinder tagline example: Don’t make up a wild story just to get more right swipes.

She’s going to ask you about it on a date and when you come clean, there will be no second date.

Here are some other examples of things that women will be SUPER GLAD YOU HAVE (because not having them could cause some issues), but that you don’t need to share in your Tinder tagline: A lot of girls jokingly say they’re looking for a guy that can open jars and kill spiders, which is fun and cute, but it gets used too often.Or, if you continue the lie, you’re just starting off a new relationship on a dishonest note and dooming it from the beginning.Here’s a great example of a guy who seems to be naturally genuine.He’s not being contradictory with any statements, he’s simply offering concise and compelling reasons to swipe right in an easy-to-read list format.I’m not sure why flipping the bird is something that certain men post on Tinder.

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This also will help you weed out shallow girls who would consider being above or below a certain height a deal breaker.

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  1. It will also help you to weed out people whose expectations are too high, or who just seem rude or cruel to others. Show you’re in on the trend – and throw an unexpected online conversation starter someone’s way – by asking what they think a celebrity, band, or reality show star is up to now.