Dating someone with same name as parent

) we were introduced to each other by mutual friends who insisted that we were the EXACT same person — we both had super good grades, we played musical instruments really well, we were both snarky, and, of course, we were both named Amanda.” Both Lauren and Amanda reiterated a point which unfortunately flies in the face of my bizarre knee-jerk reaction to the concept: it just isn’t that big a deal! Amanda noted that she didn’t identify strongly with her name, and that “It never felt weird to me at all, because I knew I had feelings for this girl and I wasn’t going to let anything so silly as our first names stand in the way of that.” Her wife, also Amanda, shared that “being an Amanda married to another Amanda has almost no impact on my daily life other than people (usually straight, although some blunt queer folks have also meddled in this territory) being shocked and confused.

Why should I change my whole life around to make some random people feel more comfortable with my queerness?

Harry would date girls: lowest is someone 4 years younger than him and maximum of 45 years old And Niall would date girls: lowest is someone 4 years younger than him and when it comes to older people well he… ) choose someone that shares the same interest with you, someone you feel comfortable around like you have known him forever.

it doesnt really matter how old someone is but who the parent is because someone could not be allowed to date and they could be 17 while someone with different paretns would allow their kid to date someone when they…

Although only a small percentage of people are invested enough in this feeling of automatic kinship to make decisions based on it, mapped over the larger population that’s a lot of potential same-name daters.

Longtime friend of the website Julia, a veteran of a previous relationship with a Julie, reported almost this exact sensation when asked about her intra-Julia dating: “I think my name was just unusual enough that when someone else on the roster had my name I felt an immediate kinship.

(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images) Remember Bennifer of 2003…

” Lauren had a similar take, saying that ultimately she still keeps a sense of humor about it, and that “It was just a silly shrug your shoulders experience, more than anything else.” Still, we have not really honed in on the experience I’m most interested in, which is being actively pumped about dating someone with the same name as you.

For this I reached out to Vanessa, who had indicated to me previously that she felt neutral to positive about dating another Vanessa.

Even a piece of a particular kind of chocolate can send me on a trip down ex-boyfriend memory lane.

So I can only imagine how hard it would be date someone who shared a name with my most recent ex!

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