Dating someone in your church

This one caused a major stir, but was simply the result of a number of Christian women giving voice to their frustrations and asking me to write them down somewhere for people to talk about. For the record, male and female alike can be swayed by this pressure.

As a result, I find this question of ever increasing pertinence to the faith community, with many leaders, conferences and resources taking the tone of glorifying how good things can be, but often not actually “going there” and discussing the giant elephant in the room… So I thought I’d take a look at whether or not it’s harder to date in church.

One thing is a set of guidelines to live your optimal life.

Scripture is full of guidance and role models on all things love and relationships.

This particularly bites people in the early days of relationships.

You feel like you’re supposed to feel like John and Lisa Bevere feel about each other.

As a person who has been actively involved in the young adults community in a few churches, I notice and regularly hear about a common thread of frustration and difficulty in many a Christian’s walk.

Many relationships get choked out in these stages by comparison.

No one else will be married to this person and live with them every day – it’ll be you.

No one else will have to do the dating relationship with this person – it’ll be you.

More specifically, there seems to be an overarching feeling and tendency to act as if dating in church is harder than it would be if it were done outside of the faith community.

Now, not everyone says this with their words, but it manifests regularly in action.

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