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The Hub 5 is a complex housing three different venues: an outdoor bar, a coyote club (s. They do serve food, too, and that’s what you see a lot of guys doing: Eating and drinking before entering the club or coyote inside.Many more local bars can be found along the highway 214 and the newest and most modern one is the Buddy Pub and Bistro (same owner as Boozer, the nightclub next to it), which, of course, also has a great live band, and strong cocktails. At least this is what I felt when I came here last week and found there is more nightlife than in more famous provinces in the region like Buriram. You will be surprised by how much Roi Et has to offer after sunset.

Don’t expect these girls to smile at you like in the go go bars, it’s rather typical that they completely ignore you (and that’s not because you’re a Farang, it’s the same for the local Thais) until you tell the mamasan to call a particular girl over to sit and drink with you. There’s another coyote bar on the ground floor of the Mai Thai Hotel or to be more precise Mai Thai Entertainment which is located on the right side of the building.To be more precise: Right at the northern end of the square-shaped canal in the area around the Mai Thai Hotel and Petcharat Garden Hotel.It’s quite popular for the local Thais to start the evening by dining and drinking beer in their group before going to the club. below) have an open air bar right next to it – different name, same owner.And this expression is nowhere as appropriate as it is in the provinces where people go out late at night, so it’s no different in Roi Et when you drive through mostly dead empty streets after 8pm and the contrast are the nightlife spots where the locals party to loud music, dance and drink until they can’t stand anymore.One last thing I feel it’s important to mention before I get into the descriptions, for you to get some orientation: As you can see on the maps after each category like night clubs, outdoor bars, coyote bars and massage parlors in Roiet – the majority, like 80% of all these places are located on the northern end of town.

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The most authentic and friendly place is right across the street from Boozer with fair and easy prices: 100 Baht for a big beer, 100 Baht per hour for a girl to sit with you and 10 Baht per song you like to sing (not compulsory, you may just sit, relax and enjoy). The Hub 5 complex also has private karaoke rooms for 200 Baht an hour (picture), it’s actually the same venue as Klaem Coyote so the same drink prices apply.

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