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The Female Status India known as a diverse country where so many cultures and religions intersect, that makes dating habits can vary.Meanwhile Western women are often free to date whoever they want to, some women and girls in India don’t have the opportunity to have a date, as their parents usually arrange their marriages.He may not be comfortable just yet with sharing that kind of moment with the rest of the world.Dating a guy from the Middle East can be an extremely interesting, fun and rewarding experience, as it was in my case. Their expectations may not be the same of yours and it’s important to find out early on so as to avoid running into heartbreak down the road.Of all the different cultures out there a girl could date, Middle Eastern men seem to be the most frowned upon.

In general this also applies to kissing in public places, even a bar where it’s generally more socially acceptable.It’s similar to if we said everyone in Utah was polygamous.Many people in Arab countries do not practice polygamy and arranged marriage is often times simply a choice.This is a trend I’ve noticed with many of my Middle Eastern friends when it comes to girls.They like to keep what they do behind closed doors very private.

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My rule of thumb when it comes to dating is that no matter the culture or background they come from, if they are kind, interesting, and make me laugh I can give them a chance.

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