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I have so many planes now and use different ones throughout the day.

I tend to keep the older and more worn ones I have bought near by because I feel an affinity with something that has so obviously been well used, cared for and feels the same as my own ones.

No batteries or power cords - just some tuning and sharpening and you can create woodworking masterpieces.

Here I am using a diamond plate but a file or abrasive paper will do the same.

Keep going just enough to close off this inaccuracy when the cap iron marries back to the cutting iron.

Reload into the plane body and make adjustments to the lever cap and the plane will whisk off shavings with the best of the rest.

I looked on e Bay when I started writing here to see how many there were and there were just two there.

I never used to like Stay-sets, couldn’t see the point in them, that is until I came to the conclusion that once the back face of the cutting iron is indeed lapped and polished out close to near flatness, it need never be done again.

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