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The two input jacks are connected to the same solder lug on the preamp tube socket by resistors, wired directly from the jacks to the lug.

When you plug your cable into the amp, the face of the chassis flexes, putting stress on this lug.

I normally gig through one of the most coveted harp amps there is, a Sonny Jr. It was going to set me back about 0 plus a lot of time, so I decided first to check with Sonny Jr.

himself - the guy knows more about amps for harp than anyone else I've ever met.

Using a "Y cable, "A/B/Y Box" or other cable splitter will cut the input impedance in half, doubling the load on your mic and altering its tone.

The line out does not lower the input impedance at all.

Ocassionally everyone on the list is unable at the moment, or waiting for some amp I don't have to offer this time around, so you never know. The line-out is a high impedance signal accesible via a 1/4" jack, and the output is equivalent to that of a good microphone, so you can connect the amp to the house sound system (via high-Z input or DI Box) or another amp. The signal is derived from the speaker side of the output transformer, so all the great Kalamazoo tone gets amplified. The Kalamazoo becomes an on-stage monitor but can be heard by hundreds, even thousands.

Prices range from about 9 (for a beat up Model 1) to 9 (for a really clean Model 2.) Remember, even the "beat up" ones are mechanically sound and work fine - they just have more "character" or "patina" than the cleaner ones..... (I feel sorry for the folks who pay top dollar for one of these amps and don't know when they get it that it isn't operating as well as it could.) I buy every amp I can get at a fair price, and rebuild it. So I keep a waiting list and will be happy to add your name if you send me an email. Kalamazoos have great tone, and amazing volume for their size, but no 8W amp is going to win volume wars at a loud jam.

My customers are 100% satisifed, and that I can prove.

Of course, the e Bay sellers always say it sounds just fine, but when I get them, there are almost always problems.

The amp you buy on e Bay may be ready to fail and may well do so in shipping. The pic above shows an amp missing its middle knob - it was laid out exactly like the "real" Model 2, but with the silver face plate.

All amps I work on receive a mod to secure the chassis face to the cabinet, eliminating this common cause of failure. I had to build an entirely new cabinet for the one you see at left.

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I can tell you, they're not very exciting with a guitar plugged into them. They break up easily in response to just about any good harp mic and have a wonderful, dirty, gritty -- but not harsh -- tone. Place one of these on each side of the stage and set the tremelos to different frequencies and you get a magical "Leslie" effect that throws the sound all over the place! The last of the Model 2's received a face lift and look like the one shown at left. The circuit is the same as the earlier amps, though - they sound just as good.

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