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The Town of Enfield collects the fire district taxes with regular town taxes.If you are paying 2 installments on real estate or personal property, the fire district tax is due in full with the 1st installment of the town tax.Municipalities may also use other means to collect taxes that are delinquent.State law allows for the collection of property taxes within 15 years after a tax due date (Chapter 204 - Sec. Men often joined a company (within a regiment) that originated in their county.Most of the men in the following companies were from Hartford County.State law also authorizes property tax exemptions, credits and abatements.Some cities and towns contain specific taxing districts, such as fire districts, that provide services that the city or town does not provide.

For animated maps illustrating Connecticut county boundary changes, "Rotating Formation Connecticut County Boundary Maps" (1643-1960) may be viewed for free at the Mapof website.Each payment reduces the interest before reducing the principal (Chapter 204 - Sec. Tax collectors may issue tax warrants to collect outstanding property taxes (Chapter 204 - Sec. This allows the tax collector or State Marshall or Constable to take further action to collect taxes.The tax collector may initiate foreclosure proceedings with regard to delinquent real estate taxes (Chapter 204 - Sec. They may report taxpayers who are delinquent in paying motor vehicle property taxes to the Department of Motor Vehicles, in which case the taxpayer cannot obtain a registration or registration renewal without providing proof of payment of the outstanding tax.Enfield requires that motor vehicle taxes are due in 1 installment, July 1.Real estate and personal property bills may be paid in 2 installments if the total town tax is 0 or more.

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