Dating new girl gives anxiety

Half the reason that people fight is because they pay attention to their own internal feelings of anger instead of just respectfully and lovingly paying attention to the other person.

4) Forgive yourself and forgive him I doubt that he means to fight with you and I know that you don’t mean to fight with him.

Men and women can both become “addicted” to needing to win arguments and fights.

And, like an addiction, they become unconcious to the huge price they are paying and the destruction they are doing to themselves, their relationships and the people around them.

1) The first step to cut out fighting is letting go of your own anger.

Anger is like cigarettes or alcohol: It is poisonous, but it is also addicting and gives you a “high”.

Again, you can only control yourself and not the other person.

That’s just a recipe for resentment and would be an equally destructive problem.

That is, if the other person is fighting with you, they care about you or see you as significant in their life.

Most of the time the fights and arguments that break out have nothing to do with the problem at hand.

It prevents real communication, defers responsibility from oneself and prevents looking at your own behavior.

It’s ironic that we think fighting will somehow solve the problem at hand when, if anything, it emotionally compels both parties to want to assert their offending behavior even more strongly. Both people dig their heels into the ground and refuse to budge since that would mean they “lost”.

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