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"Fay, you're due in five." Cameroon called out. It was a blind date Elroy's grandmother organized, turns out she was a close friend of my mom and they both thought it would be good to you know- set us up. He was rich, devilishly handsome, rude and his hobby was to ignore people. Well, I can say that about all the Chesterfield boys. He was still friendly with everyone, tries to reunite the bond between the triplets.

The first album "Egocentric" was more focused on Hard Rock.

but the next demos had a new direction toward the fusion of melodic metal and Progressive. Ego released the single Messengers Rage to serve as a prelude to his most daring, until then, "Mythology", album totally grounded in the mythology of ancient Greece.

This album counts the participation of Felipe ANDREOLI (ANGRA)as a bass player on the song "Lost Soul".

Between 20, the band toured with the Mytholgy album throughout Brazil.

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