Dating motorcycle tyres

The “(58W)” indicates the load and speed indexes of the tyre.

In this case the “58″ denotes that the tyre is rated fora maximum weight of 236kg at maximum pressure, whereas the “W” represents 168mph.

The “17″ denotes that the tyre is 17 inches in diameter whilst “M/C” means the tyre is for a motorcycle.Mobile users can even download the free Tire Facts i Phone/i Pad app to check tires on the go.At Cambrian Tyres we like to think that we have the most experienced sales team in the industry with over 230 years of experience between them, and if you’ve got a customer who wants to know about the most suitable tyre for their motorcycle our team are on hand to provide you with the expert technical support you need.A tyre marked “2113″ was made on the 21st week of 2013, and this information is very important as a tyre has a shelf like of around 6 years, although this can vary depending on how the tyre is stored with things such as temperature and humidity becoming a factor.Tyre manufacturers also make their products in a variety of factories across the globe, so each tyre is stamped with a “Made in” location to denote country of origin.

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