Dating lithuania

Their men are, after all, very well-mannered and groomed, which is actually a bit of a competition for you.

Now, Lithuanian women, as earlier mentioned, are very particular about the men they are with, and will not just settle for anyone.

They are very smart, they read a lot, are well educated, and keep up to date with a lot of happenings in the world. That cheesy and common pick-up lines might not be your most preferred go-to here.

They can also read your intentions from miles away.

Their preference goes above your physical appearance (although that does not mean you should ignore how you look).

So read carefully if you want to increase your chance of marrying a Lithuanian woman! You do not have to be a billionaire or anything like that, but at least show her that you can provide.

Plus, they are very elegant in their dressing, and you will more often than not see them in the cutest dresses and heels.

Apart from their physical attributes, which are clearly enough to have you swooning, you may also want to know a bit about their character.

Do not be fooled by the fact that they are in a small country.

Consider this a dating guide, but exclusively for beautiful Lithuanian women. They have very striking features, and one that completely stands out is their blonde, healthy hair.

No, seriously, walking through the streets of their many cities will have you feeling like you are in a shampoo commercial.

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Here are a few tips for you before you date a Lithuanian: Be the perfect gentleman – this should go unsaid. With the Lithuanian women beautifully adorning themselves, you should also make a visible effort. To stay ahead of your game, you could get there about ten minutes earlier. They are intelligent and need someone to match that up.

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