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"Seeing how your partner reacts to your social media behavior is a good indicator of how controlling they'll be in real life," she says.If your partner constantly questions your whereabouts, it's a sign your partner is jealous in an unhealthy way, Stefanie Safran, Chicago's "Introductionista" and founder of Stef and the City, tells Bustle.

"If he or she is checking your phone, accusing you of cheating or flirting, or is demanding to know your whereabouts, it is time to have a serious conversation about what is really going on," Rhodes says."Even if he or she is unhappy in the relationship, they feel that it’s too risky for them to be alone, and they are afraid of the unknown," Marine says.If this is happening, your partner can act all kinds of jealous."These kinds of statements can sound grand, and flattering even, but the underlying insecurity and attempt to control are not the foundation of a lasting love affair."Jealousy of this kind can't be part of a lasting relationship."Missing you and wanting more time is OK; insisting that you spend all your time with them is not.

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"Unhealthy jealousy rarely looks unhealthy in the beginning; it often looks loving, passionate and exciting — they can't get enough of you, they love you so much that they just want you all to themselves," she says.

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