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“They might love you in their own way, but their notion of commitment is really fuzzy...

Silvia acknowledges: “I know I get attracted to the wrong guys” – but then, as an expat and a Neuköllner, it’s hard for her to meet anyone else. They’re attractive, but in the long run, they’re not sustainable.” She says she had to drop out of a two-year relationship that got her frustrated time and time again.

However, I can share the knowledge I have gained thus far.

I don’t really consider myself dating or not dating.

Before the War, it was known for its drag scenes and promiscuous displays of sexuality. I’ve heard so many of my heterosexual friends saying they came from very machismo cultures and came to Berlin and actually thought there was something wrong with because of this extreme passivity.

Despite the War’s attempt to exonerate this culture from Berlin, it still thrives today. Say goodbye to drinks being sent to your tables, being approached in a bar and across-the-room flirting with your eyes and sly smiles. In almost all of the interactions I have had with men in Berlin, I have been the one who has initiated the contact.

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