Dating different social classes

Some classes are privileged while others are underprivileged.A Social class may be interpreted in a couple of ways.Some important causes may be attributed to the rise in class consciousness.Those are: (a) Endeavor made by each class for preservation of its own solidarity and supremacy on account of analogous ideas and approach to important problems (b) The belief that it is helpful for them in safeguarding their own interests, (c) The ability to social mobility and (d) The restraint that prohibits a class adopting an aggressive attitude towards other classes and interference in their affairs.Sorokin has given a three-fold classification of classes, such as social division based on economic, political and occupational criteria.Warner and Lunt have given a six-fold classification comprising: (I) The upper-upper class (II) The lower-upper class, This classification of Warner and Lunt is supposed to be a further sub-division of the three traditional class divisions of society such as upper, middle and lower classes.

Social scientists use class as the most powerful concept of stratification for explaining social organisation, social movements and power structure.First it may be defined in terms of some objectives, normally economic.According to Karl Marx, classes are large groups of people who differ from another by their relation to the means of production, by their role in the social organisation and labour and consequently by the mode and dimension of acquiring the share of social wealth of which they dispose.Thus accepting such explanations social scientists and political thinkers have tried to analyze the presence of classes in the industrial setting and the agrarian social structure in India.Some social scientists, being inclined towards Marxists’ understanding of class, have gone to the extent where they suggest the existence of classes in India even during the ancient period.

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He, thus, added the ‘status’ dimension to determine one’s class.

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