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This comic strip will most likely appeal to young adults who can relate to the trials and tribulations of dating.----------------------------- | D A T A | ----------------------------- 1639759 Lookingfornow73 ATTACHED_MALE_SEEKING_FEMALE (2) In relationship, seeking female Age/Gender: 42M Looking for Milf & Cookies 210lbs Height: 6'2" ----------------------------- | C H A T L O G | ----------------------------- Welcome to your therapy session. you: I'm looking for MILF and cookies Robonk: Do you believe it is normal to be looking for MILF and cookies?One of the best parts of being a parent is reliving little snippets of your childhood through your kids.Sections: Imaginary Worlds: Illustration | The Ungentlemanly Art: Political Illustrations | Revelation From A Magic Pen: Caricature | Zip! The selection on view captures the range of artistic talent and the transition of the art form from Richard Outcault's landmark Frederick Opper Hapless Happy Hooligan, a kind-hearted hobo always a little down on his luck, debuted in the comics pages in 1900. : Animation | Punch Lines: Gag & Single Panel Cartoons | Laughs! Art Wood's collection abounds in dazzling examples that demonstrate this indigenous American art form's amazing potential to amuse, entertain, enlighten and convey laughs, tears, and thrills.While the older comics are mainly black and white sketches, the newer ones are starting to look more professional with filled-in colors.One can also submit their own stories to the blog where they will be posted.

You must use an exact phrase when searching by keyword, and you can also search by date. ' Tumblr was created by a group of friends who liked sharing their dating stories with each other.Eventually, they decided to put some of their stories into comic strips and start a blog devoted to dating stories.The search results are returned quickly and display how many comics contain your search term.Each result provides the script and description of the comic strip, along with the books in which it has appeared.

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Jiggs dresses to go out when he hears that the Cement Mixer's Ball will feature his old friend Dinty Moore. Jiggs, an Irish immigrant laborer suddenly made wealthy, strives to maintain his old friendships, whereas Maggie continually aspires to higher social status.

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