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How came it to be changed to the first day of January?

In 1751 the Parliament of Great Britain passed a law that the year should be moved backwards from the 25th day of March to the 1st day of January, making the year 1751 some eighty-four days shorter than all the other years had been. In order to place New Year in connection with certain event in astronomy.

The sun is situated in one of the foci of this ellipse, and is nearer to the earth on the 1st day of January or the 31st day of December, by about three millions of miles, than it is on the 1st day of July.

The object of placing the year back was to have the year begin when the earth was in its perihelion in going around the sun.

Thus, Paul can affirm that Christ emptied himself of glory, took on the form of a servant, and humbled himself (Phil.

2:6-8), while also proclaiming that in Christ "the whole fullness of deity dwells bodily" (Col. Mormon Teachings on Jesus Christ The Son Was Made by a Divine Man and Woman According to Mormons, Jesus Christ is literally their elder brother, since he was the firstborn in the spirit world.

While at times he evinced "merely" human compassion for a hungry crowd or a widowed mother, he responded in a manner truly divine: He fed the crowd and raised the dead son.

He gently reproved the mother of James and John, saying it was not his but his Father's decision to grant a place of privilege in the kingdom (Matt. Soon after, however, the Lord claimed authority to judge all men, to separate them, and to usher them to places of glory or torment (Matt. This "double stream" is braided not only through the words and actions of the Lord Jesus but also through the meditation and reflection of his apostles and evangelists.

But behold, Jesus Christ hath shown you unto me, and I know your doing...

This was not the only alteration that has been made, but this accounts for the phrases "new style" and "old style," with which you occasionally meet in historical documents, the former having reference to the new mode of reckoning, the latter to the old mode.

Isaiah Bennett was a Catholic priest who became a Mormon, and then reconverted to Catholicism later on.

Not only does the Mormon Church teach that Christ was born of God the Father and Mary, and attained His divinity later on, but earlier prophets have even insisted that Jesus was a polygamist.

Lately, the Mormon Church has tried to emphasize its supposed focus on Christ, but in actuality, it forbids its members to worship Him!

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This belief is based on the first verse of an 1830 revelation to Joseph Smith indicating the date for officially restoring the Church.

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