Dating an old flame after divorce

A few more lies follow when the wrongdoer is confronted and tries to limit the marital damages. Expect to talk about any unhappiness that may be seeping into your relationship.

At this time, the current spouse is hurt by the infidelity as well as the lies and denial. When they come to my office for therapy, they work on repairing the damages and fixing the elements of the marriage that weren’t working before the affair. When I review the choices that the wrongdoer made along to way, it is clear to me how the situation could have turned out better. As soon as you begin to have feelings for another person, tell your partner, even if this disclosure causes you pain, embarrassment, or discomfort. Dissatisfaction that didn’t have words previously will now have names.

Humanity has forgotten it’s true nature and with it, the true meaning of marriage.

Marriage as God intended is a sacred union of two souls, created for each other, with each other.

Unfortunately very few marriages today are founded upon the resonance of souls – let alone two people sharing the same soul. We are the way showers, here to bring a new template onto this Planet; one where true love is that of the soul and where our love for our partner mirrors our relationship with our Self and God to the most intimate degree, allowing for endless spiritual and emotional growth and discovery.

They try to work it out on their own by not telling their current spouse about the feelings only to find the appeal of the former romance growing stronger. They don’t tell their current spouse because they don’t want to worry them.

The secrets continue to grow until they become lies. It ends when their current mate stumbles upon text messages or email.

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If there is something going on in your life that you can’t tell your partner, then the relationship is in trouble already.

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