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"Send them Web links about restaurants, like from, so they can get an idea of the price without you explicitly telling them." Double-Dating Do: Seeing a flick first Sometimes your guy sets up a dinner date with his dear buddy Ben, and Ben's girlfriend is as exciting as a pita pocket.

Your strategy: "Go to a movie so you're limiting the face-to-face contact and the pressure of talking," says Worick.

Worick suggests lightheartedly quipping, "Gee, you guys are like newlyweds..must have not seen each other in a long time." Or the less subtle "Wow, I haven't gotten porn for free in years." They should get the hint.

Double-Dating Do: Leaving on a high note Let's say the vibe has been so good the whole evening that you wind up back at the other couple's pad for a nightcap (sluts! "Before your hosts begin signaling that you're overstaying your welcome, say something like 'Well, we'll let you guys go to bed,'" says Vogels.

With a little Matt Damon or Martin Scorsese to chat about, Pita may suddenly get interesting.

Learn how to balance school, family, friends, and relationships.

Double-Dating Don't: Too much touchy-feeling You know better than to slip your man a little tongue between courses (right, right?

) but it's trickier (and grosser) when the other couple is groping each other and doing baby talk.

So if it's your first time out, "go to a place you're all familiar with or that at least serves familiar food so you can focus on getting to know one another," Worick says.

And for the love of La Mancha, don't push 'em to share group dishes -- it may skeeve out the other couple to have to pick from the same tapas plate as you.

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