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“We were the youngest people there, and we thought everyone was really cool,” she remembers. This could maybe go somewhere.’”Hunter says he already had a modest network of fashion industry connections, and he knew that leveraging Cory’s popularity would raise his profile. It wasn’t until the June issue of Nylon hit the newsstands that she realized her daughter was being swept up into something bigger.Celebrities would show up--Adam Brody of “The OC,” the female rock group the Like, those Kings of Leon--but the scene typically “came off a lot more wild than it was.”For Cory, however, the experience was life-altering. Demand for her as, say, a model, meant demand for him as her gatekeeper and photographer. But if I can create a superstar,” he remembers thinking, “it’ll be good for my career, for her career, for all of us.”By now it was the beginning of April, about 3 months after Cory’s first day as an intern. The New York Times ran an article on interns and mentioned Cory’s relationship with Hunter.A nobody can become a somebody at a moment’s notice, just because everybody is always watching everything.Cory Kennedy became famous after the people who watched Hunter started watching her too.In the summer of 2005, when she was 15 but not yet famous, Cory Kennedy went to a Blood Brothers concert at the El Rey Theatre.She remembers what she was wearing--black leg warmers, beat-up black Converse sneakers and a canary-yellow Lacoste mini-dress that she’d had to beg her mother to buy her.It was the late autumn of her sophomore year at Santa Monica High School.They had exchanged numbers that night at the El Rey.

She was living, in short, a teenager’s dream and a parent’s version of “Fear Factor.” And the obvious questions--at least for her mother--were, “What happened? ”“I still have no idea,” half-jokes Jinx Kennedy, a rangy 56-year-old who, with husband Barry Levin, 63, runs a for-profit high school degree program.

They signed up both twins for therapy and weekly drug tests. “I was just struggling all around,” she recalls, adding that she’d had bouts of sadness as far back as fourth grade. Cory insisted that to capitalize on her newfound fame, she had to go out without him, on weeknights as well as weekends. When that seemed too punitive, she tried hiring her a driver, which didn’t work either. Present are Cory, Hunter, this reporter and Nate Van Dusen, a filmmaker who is featuring Cory in a new documentary.

Nor did it help that her social circle was populated with some of the most privileged and pressured adolescents in Southern California. “She’d say Tuesdays and Thursdays are when the glamour people go out,” her mother says, “that Saturday and Sunday are for tourists.”Nor did it help that now real celebrities wanted to meet her. “She’d say, ‘Lindsay Lohan wants to meet me at the Chateau Marmont.’ And I’d say, ‘Yeah, right.’ But then I’d drive her up there, and there she was in a trench coat--Lindsay Lohan! “talked to Sean Lennon today about hosting the Nylon Halloween party” . “I would call her an annoying five or six times a night,” Jinx says. It’s one of those media-age moments: a documentarian filming a photographer shooting a journalist interviewing a teenager.

The It Girl, her mother says, is in her room, enjoying her last hours of freedom before heading off to her new school.“I didn’t connect the dots,” she says, sighing.

“But I’m real connected now.” It’s hard to overstate the speed with which the Internet can now make someone a cultural icon.

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(Jinx Kennedy confirms that his conscientiousness won her over.)“It was kind of weird bringing underage people to the events,” says Hunter, who gave them cameras and posted their work alongside his photos. ‘Cause she’s getting her picture all over the Internet.’ I’d say, ‘Oh, it’s just that Mark is shooting her and he’s smitten.’ And she’d say, ‘You should get into her My Space, because I think this is really big.’”But, Jinx says, she had neither the will nor the computer savvy to imagine what might be happening in the alternative universe of Cory’s online persona.

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