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He is known as a clothing manufacturer who married Paula Abdul in 1996, however the couple divorced in 1998.

In March 2015, while speaking at the United Nations in support of UNWFPA Mc Cord announced her alignment with the anti-sexual-assault and domestic abuse project, the No More Campaign.

Maybe she is looking for a rich husband to foot the bill for all those pills she takes?

Paula might have some luck finding a rich young athlete to wed this weekend, if she performs at the Super Bowl, which is the current rumor.

Star magazine says that although Paula is having fun with her younger boyfriend, J. Torregani, she will never marry him because “he’s too young and doesn’t have enough money for her.” Paula Abdul has been dating the 32-year-old restaurateur J. “A guy with million in the bank and a 0,000 Porsche doesn’t cut it.” This isn’t the first time Paula’s used a matchmaker: she met ex-boyfriend Colton Melby through a dating service., print edition, February 4, 2008] The idea of Paula leaving American Idol in two years sounds good to me.He is known as a golfer and is thirteen years younger than Paula Abdul.For two years Paula Abdul was married to Brad Beckerman.Stupidity: Its Uses & Abuses Letter from Grandma The Singing Parrot Political Potpourri Rocket Science Heavenly Music Beethoven's Grave Open Mic A country diary: South Yorkshire Repeating the error The Cup That Jeers American payback; justified? The Veal Calf Together Short Fixion Innocent Child Burke Waiting For The Cut An Ordinary Parting What Is Love?Whine Of The Free Bird Chaos in Alphabet City The Valentine Searching For Meanings Bravery of the Kind-Hearted About Not Existed Past Intelligent life on the Web...there is a place on the Web for thought provoking content, interesting topics and related links.

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