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Features: - creates ringtones - ringtones can be saved or send to friends - edit function for further sound manipulation - three basic modes for synthesizing Application should work on any MIDP 2.0 device but for using the camera as an input source for synthesizing you need to have a phone that supports this feature! Spin your mobile on a flat surface and wait for it to stop spinning.

The person pointed by the arrow must read the question or do the assignment.

Available in many languages: English, Dutch, German, Spanish, Catalan, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, French, Romanian, Russian, Ukrainian, Turkish, Hindi and Hebrew.

This demo version has limited features, but usage of the guitar tuner is unlimited and FREE!

It helps to learn words, memorize words and search words quickly.This mobile application is a must have for the serious musician.If you are able to play pointless games on your cell phone, you should be all set to use it.It offers excellent coverage of English as an international language and thousands of examples illustrate idiomatic usage.All irregular noun, verb, and adjectival inflections are spelled out in full, while guidance on grammar and good usage is provided by in-text notes. The Key Features of This Product The dictionary composed of most common and concise English words and corresponding explanations. Up-to-date and accessible information on the core vocabulary of current English and related terms. Most common math, physics and chemistry terms & definitions helps to increase vocabulary in all side.

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Take your playing to the next level by improving your working knowledge of the fretboard.

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