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Just days after Dwyane Wade’s ex-wife Siohvaughn Funches-Wade appeared on Dr.

Phil to publicly take digs at him, Wade’s actress girlfriend Gabrielle Union fired back.

Anyways, people just like to see their names listed on website and where they rank.

In an interview with Daily Mail online, she had a lot to say about how celebrity changed the man she once loved.“This was my very best friend and I couldn’t reach him anymore – without question it was because of the money,” and, “I think Dwyane had been rejected a lot when he was younger and then suddenly people started cheering and clapping and wanting to be around him.The website is still 100% functional, but it doesn't load Hellfire Ring to your character if you have one equipped.From a software engineer's standpoint, updating their routines to work correctly with the Hellfire ring should NOT be some "technical achievement masterpiece"...So, it was like, obviously you’re not telling the truth.And then the courts dismissed the case.”The more this saga unfolds in the media, the more the kids lose.

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For instance, I have over 100k dps completely unbuffed on my monk, but on Diablo Progress it shows 89k because it thinks one of my ring slots is completely empty (where there WOULD be my hellfire ring)Diablo Progress is completely useless.

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  1. Sure, the numbers are in their favor: A survey by NYC’s Economic Research and Analysis group found that young single women in Manhattan outnumber single men nearly 2 to 1 — and it’s pressuring NYC’s most eligible bachelors to be on the prowl, even if it’s not what they really want.