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Undeterred, they entered another funding competition held by the World Bank.

The competition gave Sara and the budding Na Takallam team the push they needed.

Sara wanted to create a conversation platform for Arabic-speaking refugees and language learners that would give refugees an opportunity to leverage their skills and earn income, while offering language learners a chance to practice colloquial Arabic.“I actually didn’t know what social entrepreneurship meant,” she admitted.

Though they didn’t win, Sara was determined to see her idea through, and by autumn of 2015, Na Takallam began to take off.“Suddenly we had 150 people signed up in August,” she said.If you’re willing to possibly drown — take your children onto a boat with a high-risk of drowning or just not making it — that’s how desperate you are,” a frustrated Sara added.“We can’t just keep turning our backs on this and ignoring it.”Since it launched in 2015, Na Takallam has employed more than 70 displaced people, served 1,500 language learners, and hosted over 15,000 hours of conversation.The startup takes advantage of the “gig economy phenomenon” and the trend of people working remotely as “digital nomads.”“Refugees are forced nomads, so it only makes sense to leverage the trend to support people who are displaced,” Sara said."We are here at a conference titled Rethinking Education; we invite you to rethink #refugees, not as people who need education, but as educators themselves.Global Citizens of America is a series that highlights Americans who dedicate their lives to helping people outside the borders of the US.At a time when some world leaders are encouraging people to look inward, Global Citizen knows that only if we look outward, beyond ourselves, can we make the world a better place.

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