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I spontaneously joined the ashtanga yoga class of Isabel, and it was lovely.

I usually do more Vinyasa yoga but i really enjoyed the class and Isabel is a good teacher. They also offer lots of other yoga classes, like yin or hatha, and massages etc.

The meal we ordered of ribs had more bar-b-q sauce than meat.

Attention to little details, like how many people actually needed cutlery or plates was lacking.

The ladies at the table loved the ribs and meat plates that they ordered!

So much so that once he left, they delayed their departure, licking their fingers and trying to finish their meal..said it was a shame to leave as the food was lovely. Excellent BBQ dishes, fish fresh from the sea and the ambiance is breathtaking.

If you're in Lagos for a holiday, you'd be mad not to finish it with a massage here, especially when you consider how expensive it is to eat out in Lagos in comparison.

When seated, we had the feeling that maybe because of our age( early sixties) this was not the place to be. Liked the innovative way that the cutlery and condiments were served in, reused 6pack lager holder, very good. I chose the garden burger, my wife had the vegetarian burger.It was around this time we passed the garden and then nearly crashed as it looked so cool!We later returned and drank and ate and loved the fact it was such an awesome sun trap and cancelled out the onshore gusts of wind!Obviously the glass is tempered, and was installed with a certificate of compliance.This ONE piece of glass allows for a viewing of the archeological excavation that was undertook in building The Garden.

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